COVID-19 Update

Zingerman’s Greyline is adhering to all state and local public health orders for non-residential gatherings and food service establishments to keep COVID-19 prevention and control strategies in place. Orders have continued to evolve during the pandemic and we have continually adapted to meet the requirements put into place regarding our operations, safe gathering size, face covering requirements, physical distancing, contact tracing and other measures. Here are the current restrictions for Zingerman’s Greyline:
  • While the group may gather in the same room, masks are required except while actively eating and drinking at guest tables.
  • Maximum allowable guest count is 50 people.
  • Tables are to be 6′ apart and no more than 6 guests per table and there is to be no co-mingling between tables.
  • Food and beverage can only be consumed while seated at one’s table.

This information was last updated 04.02.2021

Addressing COVID-19

Zingerman’s Catering and Events’ sales staff, kitchen crew, event planners, drivers and service staff, thank you for your continued loyalty as we navigate the current health situation in our community. As always, we appreciate the opportunity to be part of your special occasions and your everyday meals.

Our motto says that we deliver “great taste that you can trust” and that continues to be our number one priority. When you are offering Zingerman’s full flavored food to your friends, family and coworkers, we know that you are trusting us to be vigilant in our food safety practices.

Zingerman’s Catering is the exclusive caterer.

We’re committed to serving the most flavorful food we can find as well as providing the best possible service to our guests. While we’ve always prided ourselves on food safety precautions and perfect health inspections, we’ve changed operations to facilitate less risk for guests and increased social distancing.

We’re here to help you have the greatest event possible and that means following CDC safety protocols and current health guidelines. From single-serving appetizers to plated entrees, we’re long-time experts on how we can best serve you.

Our preference is to highlight local, seasonal ingredients (ask us about the amazing asparagus we pick in the spring!), and build those into our menus. Some items will never be grown locally, citrus fruits and pineapple for example, but we would be thrilled to build a menu around completely local and seasonal foods for you.

Many of the products we sell are certified organic. There are other items that we sell that are not certified organic but they follow all the sustainable methods of production that renews the resources and produces great tasting products.

We can certainly put together menus that contain traditional Jewish foods, such as latkes, knishes and beef brisket, but we do not operate a kosher kitchen. We can, however, obtain meals from a kosher caterer and bring them with us as part of the order if you have a small group of guests that require them.

Shrimp skewers

We require that the majority of the food be provided by us, in order to use the Greyline event space. However, if your aunt wants to bring in her special artichoke heart dip as part of the appetizer selection or your mom is committed to having donuts from Dutch Girl as a late night snack, we are fine with it. Our only request is that the item or items are clearly marked so guests know which items are from which source (we will provide food signs with our logo on them for any food that we provide).

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Food Allergies

We have a lot of experience accommodating special food requests and culinary restrictions and are happy to help plan a menu that can be enjoyed by all your guests. Please let us know as soon as possible what allergies or sensitivities need to be worked into the menu planning, and we can collaborate on a solution everyone will be pleased with.

Disposables and To-Go Containers

Utilizing the renewable resource of bamboo, we offer disposable plates that biodegrade in a landfill in as little as six months. We are also open to sourcing custom service ware that is eco-friendly.

Our servers will provide to-go containers, neatly package the leftovers, and safely handle and store them until the end of the event, when they are handed over to you or the people of your choosing. In the event that you cannot or do not want to take the leftovers our staff will donate the items we can to Food Gatherers and dispose of the remainder.

Bar and Beverages

We can create a bar package customized to suit your needs, whether you’re interested in just beer and wine or a full bar with mixed drinks.

Our liquor license requires that we provide all of the alcoholic beverages at the Greyline.

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