Types of Events

The Greyline is ideal for both corporate and social events. We are able to host corporate meetings and training sessions, panel discussions, casual or upscale wedding celebrations, birthday parties (for kids and adults), rehearsal dinners, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs, tailgate parties & more.

For corporate events, our in house audio system provides the ability to have multiple microphones, a mobile projector and screen for simple presentations as well as a built-in projector for slideshows. We can work closely with a local company for more extensive AV needs. We keep basic presentation essentials on hand for you to use for corporate events, large post its, markers, extension cords, and plenty of outlets for your guests to keep their electronics at full charge. Our in house wifi allows for accessibility during your event.

The beautifully appointed space provides many wonderful opportunities for photography during social events and weddings. There is an area for a dance floor, gift table, and registration. There is infrastructure in place to allow DJ’s and bands easy set-up with plenty of electrical capacity.

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We’re really excited about planning special events that capture the unique elements you have in mind for your event. We’re thrilled to help you create a completely customized setting including:

A welcome message including your event name and logo will be projected for your guests to see as they enter the space. If you’d like a more specialized or custom welcome message projected, we can give you pricing on having something designed by our in house artists. They can also create a hand painted poster for you to take with you to commemorate the event.
Background music can be chosen from our provider, or you may choose to create your own play list. We provide multiple stick and lavalier microphones.
We have installed electrical capacity with a separate designated sub panel that is available for DJ’s, bands, or other vendors to utilize during your event for convenience and assurance of capacity.
There is a designated charging station near the bar that includes a variety of different power cord styles for you and your guests to revive their portable electronic devices.
Make the space truly unique for your event with floral arrangements and customized decorations and lighting. We have several experienced designers that we work with and recommend. The space has the infrastructure that allows designers and florists to more easily create the perfect backdrop for your event.
Convenient parking is available nearby, with a surface lot that is across the street from the space and a multi story garage just down the block. (Valet parking is also an option.)
Personal amenities for your guests are available in the restrooms (lint brushes, toothpicks, hand cream, tissues, etc.)
Rooms for your guests can be booked on site at the Marriott Residence Inn, Downtown Ann Arbor.


All of the basic needs for an event, such as tables and chairs, glassware, china, flatware, and basic linens are included. Any special requests that you’d like to add as special touches to your event (such as colored tablecloths, specialty glassware or china, decorations, etc.) will be identified when you are planning your event and will be included as an additional rental charge on your proposal.

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The rental cost of the Greyline varies based on day of the week. The base rental rate includes the use of our of tables, chairs, house linens, china, dishware, and glassware. Additional costs depend on your service style and chosen menu.

See our Facility Rental Pricing

Most events range from about $70–$150 per person all inclusive, depending on guest count, service style, bar options and menu selection.

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We have a built-in professional audio system that can be used to play music or address your guests with the microphones provided. You are welcome to create a playlist or we’ll put on our own music, based on the mood you’re looking for.

Our Audio system includes:

  • PreSonus RM16AI Mix control
  • QSC CXD 4.5 processing amplifier
  • QSC Ac-C8T speakers
  • Sennheiser wireless microphones ( 3 lavaliers & 3 sticks)

There is adequate electrical capacity and a separate sub panel available to allow a DJ or band to set up.

We have a built in projector near the bar that is perfect for showing slide shows in the background during your event. Perfect for anniversary parties, weddings and some corporate events.

We provide free wifi in the space for our guests. We have tested the capacity of the bandwidth many times and have found it adequate for large groups downloading large amounts of data.

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The Hotel

The Marriott Residence Inn is operated separately from the event space, however their sales office is happy to help you with hotel room reservations. Please know that the Marriott Residence Inn does not book reservations more than 50 weeks in advance. If you are planning an event farther ahead they will hold your information and assist you with the planning but the final room rental rates and booking information cannot be completed.

Viewing the Space

We’re more than happy to set up a time for you to come in and view the space. Call 734-230-2300 or email [email protected] if you’d like to stop by. You can also check out our sample floor plan.

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Securing a Date

We hold the space for specific dates on a first come, first serve basis. As soon as you get in touch with us, we add your name to that event date and time in our calendar. If someone else gets in touch about that date before you’ve made your decision, we will contact you to give you the opportunity to make a guaranteed reservation at that time. If you don’t move forward, we will offer that date to the next interested party.

To reserve the Greyline for your event we require a deposit of $1,000 or the facility fee for your event (the greater of the two).

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